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Adidas has always been appreciated by consumers for the quality & best performance in sneaker types. Because of this, the position of the Adidas brand is always at the top of the sales of products sold worldwide.

Adidas shoes keep the name of a big “king” in sports shoes ever thanks to high quality materials, excellent design and features that are always oriented to the benefit of the user. And it comes as no surprise that Adidas has become one of the most iconic and influential brands among men.

Adidas Ultra Boost Shoes

First of all, the Adidas Ultra Boost has never been hot because of its modern technology and high quality. Shoes with compact, lightweight, youthful dynamic design and outstanding quality in terms of performance.


In 2013, Adidas launched the big fashion revolutionary Boost sole based on the innovative concept of EnergyBoost (the world’s first boost shoe). And it is not natural that this famous Adidas brand “imitated” the sole without any intentions in it.

The most obvious evidence is that the boosted sneaker models are the trend that young people look to own & dominate the market in the highest sales compared to other famous shoe brands such as Nike, Fila, Balenciaga, …

The manufacturer always acknowledges the positive feedback of the user in order to constantly improve & bring the most convenience as shown in his product. You will not be able to miss when admiring the external beauty of this “super product”.

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Upgrade multiple versions

With the aim of improving product quality to meet all the needs of users, Ultra Boost has greatly upgraded versions from 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and most recently Ultra Boost 19 (also known as 5.0). This also shows that this brand line is constantly improving with the development of new technologies in today’s modern society.

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adidas-d (1)

In this year 2021, Adidas has also released the Ultra boost 20 shoe with a “not light” upgrade in materials, boost soles, reed, … According to experts, the 2021 version will “cut off” its predecessor versions.


This Metallic Boost Stand has never been designed with the previous Ultra Boost versions. This is considered a fairly new step and has been successful when receiving the praise of its followers.

Conclusion: If you are a person who likes simplicity, gentle color and convenient performance in all conditions, do not miss this Ultra Boost shoe. It is not natural that this Ultra Boost line has been voted as the most premium sneaker brand by Adidas.

Adidas Stan Smith Shoes

In the list of Adidas brand lines, Stan Smith can say is a very familiar shoe to fans of the famous brand Adidas, not only in Vietnam but also worldwide. The shoes are designed by the manufacturer with a very simple but very delicate design that has satisfied even the most demanding people.

With a background of tennis shoes, Stan Smith sneakers can meet all the rigorous requirements of this sport. Therefore, it is also obvious that a pair of sneakers need to be able to meet all the moving activities, you can be completely assured.


Which Adidas shoe model should I buy?

In the article on Tuloshop, we have compiled the Top 5 most popular Adidas shoe lines of the year according to analysis of the sneaker market in Vietnam. There will also be other Adidas brands that have its own beauty that Tuloshop hasn’t updated yet.

In terms of which product line to buy, this is what Tuloshop thinks is based on his needs. For example:

  • If you like comfort, lightness & long-distance travel, you should choose Ultra Boost
  • If you want to cater to daily sports and fitness activities, Alphabounce will help you
  • Yeezy’s personality & originality in design will match her stylish, dynamic personality very well
  • You love to be as simple as possible and suitable for all environments, you should think about Stan Smith


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