Fashionable Italian gold women's ring VMH

What Is Italian Gold? Learn About Italian Gold 750

The Italians are known as master craftsmen in gold jewelry making. Italian gold jewelry products are exquisitely crafted, each carvings, cuts have its own lines to create the maximum shine of gold.

Why is it called Italian 750 Gold?

The Italians often create jewelry from 18k gold which has a gold content of 75% (750), unlike 24k gold (100% gold) with dark color, soft properties, difficult to craft sophisticated shapes or types. Low-content gold such as 14k gold and 16k gold, the yellow color lacks luster, 18k gold is favored for its flawless properties, it is shiny without fading, shaping, carving modern and luxurious designs. In addition, the price of 18k gold is always at a reasonable level, which is also a factor that helps Italy gold always be popular.

Gold male male ring pattern from VMH
Gold male male ring pattern from VMH

Where does Italian gold come from?

In Italy, there are four main districts famous for gold jewelry, which are Vicenxa, Arezzo, Torre del Greco and Valanza. Each district will specialize in a number of different styles of jewelry, with many companies that have been around the world for more than 100 years. For example, Arezzo is known for its Italian gold wire, while Torre del Greco is a special area for handcrafted jewelry. Every year in Vicenza, the Italians organize the Vincenza Oro fair, one of the most luxurious jewelry fairs in the world.

Fashionable Italian gold women's ring VMH
Fashionable Italian gold women’s ring VMH

Unlike other parts of the world, those wishing to pursue a passion for gold jewelry need to take an apprenticeship with a jeweler. Most of the artisans are very confidential with their recipes and their family secrets, so the selection of students is very strict. To increase their chances of getting accepted, many people have to take an intensive course at design schools in Milan or Turin. Therefore, Italian gold jewelry is always one of the product industries that has existed over time and is still considered the pinnacle of jewelry.

In Vietnam, Vang Manh Hung is the pioneer in the field of high-end Italian gold jewelry processing, possessing the most modern and advanced technology line imported from Italy, Vang Manh Hung has been and is a trade. A favorite luxury jewelry brand in Hai Phong as well as in the North with thousands of high-end Italian gold jewelry.

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